Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: Do you believe in horoscopes?


B: I certainly don't believe in the ones you see in the popular press ...

you know what I mean ... they give you half a horoscope and a

telephone number. If you want the interesting half you are charged

48 pence per minute!


A: They could still be true. Everybody has to earn a living!


B: Yes, but a serious astrologer would want to know a person's exact date

of birth, not just their star sign.


A: Well, even so, why should the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and other

planets on your date of birth have any connection whatsoever with your

personality and the future course of your life?


B: I suppose it's all part of your total environment. Scientists don't understand

everything, but they often observe links between certain phenomena.


A: In that case, would you describe astrology as a science?


B: It depends who's doing it.


A: You could say that about a lot of things we call sciences.