Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: What do you think of fox-hunting?


B: I'm completely against it.


A: But if you worked on a farm and your chickens were killed by foxes, you'd

think differently.


B: I doubt it. People who keep all those hounds and dress up in colourful

costumes really enjoy killing foxes. Besides, it's such a cruel way to kill them.


A: Do you really think so? Once the first dog has caught up with the fox, death is

fairly instant.


B: You seem to forget that the fox is already dying of exhaustion after a long chase.

Then it's torn to pieces. If farmers really need to kill foxes, why don't they just shoot

them? There'd be far less damage to the countryside without hunts.


A: But fox-hunting is part of country life. It's one of our traditions.


B: That's beside the point. Dog fighting and cock fighting were traditions and so

was slavery before we became a more civilized society by making these things