Discussion questions:______ask and answer


Discussion questions

1. Many vegetarians believe that factory farming is a cruel and unnecessary

practice and that our diets would be healthier if we ate less meat.

Do you agree?


2. Animal rights protesters argue that the export of live animals for

slaughter is uncivilized and should be prohibited under international

law. Do you agree?


3. "Keeping animals in zoos and circuses to entertain human-beings is

selfish and inhumane." Do you agree?


4. Bullfighting, fox-hunting and whale-hunting are part of some

countries’ traditions. Do you think that Spain, England and Japan

have a right to continue these traditions?


5. "The British spend far too much money on household pets. They

would do better to have fewer cats and dogs and to use the money to

help poor and hungry people." What do you think?


6. Would you ever wear a fur coat?


7. Is it right to use animals for medical research or to test cosmetics?