Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Do you think that the tax payer should have to support the Arts?

For example, why should a football fan have to pay for opera?


2. Does your country have any well-known artists who are famous for

cinema, theatre, literature, ballet, opera, classical music or painting?

3. What are your "top three" art forms from the above list?

Explain the reasons for your order of preference.


4. In what ways were you encouraged to appreciate the Arts at home and

at school? What jobs in the Arts world would be suitable for you?


5. Give the names of your favourite novel, author, play, dramatist, film,

film director, musical composition, composer, painting and painter.

Why do you like them?


6. Which country would you visit to appreciate the Arts?

What would you plan to see?


7. Do you think there should be greater or less censorship of the Arts

in your country?