Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. "Low tax, Laissez-Faire, economies are better than ones with large

public sectors." Do you agree?


2. "It is better to be within large economic unions like the European

Community rather than outside them." Do you agree?


3. "Governments should legislate to prevent monopolies becoming too

powerful." Do you agree?


4. "Free trade policies are always better than protectionist ones."


5. "Governments should not subsidize enterprises which are unprofitable."


6. "Countries should try to become self-sufficient in food and basic

necessities." Do you agree?


7. "Giving financial incentives to companies which locate themselves in

underdeveloped regions is a waste of public money. It is better to let

them set up where they want to be." Do you agree?


8. "Introducing the minimum wage will encourage foreign investors to

take their enterprises elsewhere."