Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: What kind of education would you choose for your child?


B: For a start, it would have to be a mixed school and not a boarding



A: What have you got against single sex schools?


B: Clearly, a coeducational environment promotes understanding between boys

and girls. It's far more natural.


A: Don't you think they distract one another when they become teenagers?


B: Well, maybe they do, but they've got to learn to live together. I'm against all

forms of segregation.


A: How about boarding schools? Don't they teach children how to live together?

I'd have thought they'd be very useful for children without brothers and sisters.


B: But "only children" can still find friends in their neighbourhoods or local day

schools. Why have we got to create large institutional families? If people decide to

have children, then they should value family life.


A: Would you prefer your child to be educated privately or by the state?


B: To be honest, that's a very difficult question, because if the state schools in

my town were very bad, then I might be tempted to pay private fees. I hope that

wouldn't be necessary.


A: Would you consider sending your child to a grammar school?


B: Again, that depends on the alternatives. I prefer the comprehensive system,

but I wouldn't want my child to be in mixed ability classes for all subjects. There'd

have to be some form of streaming.


A: What's wrong with mixed ability teaching?


B: The reality is that people learn subjects such as languages and mathematics at

different speeds. It's a nonsense to keep everybody at the same level regardless of

their progress.