Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Does the environment belong principally to the human race?


2. Do your consumption habits destroy the habitats of other species?


3. Do you think that developers should be permitted to build big hotels

and tourist complexes in the most beautiful places in your country?


4. Should the private motorist be made to pay more heavily through higher

road tax, petrol prices, parking fees and motorway tolls?


5. Should cars be banned from city, town and village centres?


6. Are you for or against nuclear power?


7. Does your country need stricter laws to punish noisy neighbours

or discos which play loud music late at night?


8. Are your country’s seas, rivers and / or lakes clean to swim in?


9. What government and private campaigns are there in your country to

protect and improve the environment? Are these campaigns motivated by concern for

the lives and habitats of species other than our own?