Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: In my opinion, fashion is a complete waste of time, money and resources.


B: I disagree entirely. The world would be a very boring place without change.


A: Fashion doesn't only involve change. It's a very dishonest form of marketing

based on artificial images which never translate into reality.


B: But everyone understands that the images are there to capture attention.

People find them fun. Haven't you ever looked through a fashion magazine?


A: Only at the dentist's.


B: What about the glossy magazines which you get when you buy a Sunday

newspaper? They're full of fashionable advertisements.


A: That's true, but don't you think they're a terrible waste of paper. How many

people throw them straight into the dustbin?


B: A lot of people must read them and they don't add to the cost of the newspaper.

A: There're two points here. Firstly, the cost to the environment. Think of all the

rain forests. Secondly, the advertiser may pay, but the costs are passed on to the consumer.


B: That isn't strictly true. If a company can sell in bulk, prices can be brought

down. You can't expect to sell unless the consumer knows the product exists.


A: I wouldn't mind publicity if it told you something about the product, but by

getting fashion models to market clothes and even cars, you are hiding the truth.

When I buy clothing, I want to know if it's comfortable and how long it's going to last.


B: That may be your reason, but some people buy clothes because they want to look nice.

Perhaps they have a special date or engagement. People have always liked dressing up.


A: That may be so, but traditional costumes were made to be worn more than

once. What worries me is today's throw-away society where some people waste the

world's precious resources while other people go without.


B: Well I don't see why you should blame the fashion industry for social injustice.