Text for dictation:

In major emergencies such as road traffic accidents, most people in Britain are treated under the National Health Service, known as the NHS. If you are badly injured, you will be taken by ambulance to Accident and Emergency.

Once any bleeding has been stemmed, you will be x-rayed to see if you have broken any bones. If you have fractured your femur or patella, you may be operated on by an orthopaedic surgeon fairly quickly. If you have done serious damage to your pelvis, you may need to be transferred to a large city hospital where surgeons specialize in complex fractures and pelvic reconstruction. Many unlucky motorcyclists require specialist surgery and often their legs are put in traction until they enter the operating theatre.

Soon after the operation, the patient is usually introduced to the physiotherapist. Some patients are put on a special machine which gently moves their knee and hip joints. If progress is maintained, they will be mobilized - moved from bed to wheelchair and then to zimmer-frame or crutches. When they are walking on crutches, they will be taught how to climb steps. Providing their surgical wounds have healed and once they are no longer in pain, they can look forward to their discharge from hospital.

  1. Get a good English speaker to dictate the text giving you a second reading with pauses so that you can write it down.
  2. Afterwards you can look at the above text to check your spelling.
  3. Next, using a red pen, put a small vertical mark high up before each stressed syllable in the text.
  4. Now click here to check that you have marked the correct syllables as the stressed ones.
  5. Finally, read the text aloud, taking care to stress the "stressed syllables" and not to stress the "weak" syllables.