Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. In Britain, tabloid newspapers, which contain mostly gossip and pin-ups of

good-looking women and men, sell many more copies than serious

newspapers. Do readers in your country have the same interests?


2. Do reporters and photographers respect the private lives of famous people

in your country? How much freedom should the press be allowed by law?


3. Is the media in your country mainly owned by a few large monopolies?

Should the law allow ownership of several newspapers or TV channels?


4. Is there a bias towards any particular political party or interest group in

your country’s media?


5. Which would you prefer (a) TV channels without advertising

paid for by a licence fee (b) Free TV channels paid for by advertising

or (c) Pay-as-you-view TV where you only pay for what you watch?


6. In Britain, there are restrictions on what can be screened on TV before

9 p.m. Do you think that TV programme content should be censored?


7. Should governments act to control the Internet or should it be uncensored?


8. Have you ever used the Internet? What did you use it for?