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a. Where _ _ _ _ _ live?


Roland lives in Fagersta in Central Sweden.


He works for Avesta Sandvik Tube Ltd.


b. When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?


He usually gets up at six o'clock. He often


goes jogging and sometimes goes for a swim

c. What _ _ before work?


before work.


d. When _ _ usually _ _ ?


He usually starts work at eight o'clock, but


on Tuesdays he starts at seven and finishes at

e. What _ _ _ _ Tuesday?


four. He has an English lesson every Tuesday


at a quarter past four.


f. What _ _ _ _ _ _ job?


Roland is a computer programmer. He works


for forty hours a week in the company's

g. How long _ _ _ _ week?


computer department.


h. Why _ _ _ _ _ _ job?


He likes his job because he feels free.


In his company, there is a system of

i. What _ _ _ _ _ _ mean?


flexi-time. This means that he can choose


when he wants to start and finish work.


j. What _ _ _ interests?


Roland also has many interests. In the


spring, he goes cycling every Sunday. In the


summer, he goes canooing on a lake just

k. What _ _ _ the autumn?


outside Fagersta. He doesn't like the autumn


weather. In the autumn, he stays at home and

l. Which _ _ _ _ season?


reads and watches television. Winter is his


favourite season. In the winter, he puts on

m. How far _ _ _ in the winter?


his skis and travels for many Swedish miles


along the tracks in the forests near his home.


n. What sort _ _ _ _ _ _?


Roland is a very active person. He works


quite hard and spends a large part of his free

o. How hard _ _ _ _ _ _ ?


time with his wife and their two children who


enjoy many of the same interests.

p. How _ _ _ free time?


How about you?


a. Where do you live?


j. What are your interests?

b. When do you usually get up?


k. What do you do in the autumn?

c. What do you usually do before work?


l. What is your favourite season?

d. When do you usually start work?


m. Do you like the winter?

e. What do you usually do after work?


....What do you do then?

f. What is your job or occupation?


n. What sort of person are you?

g. How long do you work each week?


o. How hard do you work?

h. Do you like your job?


p. How do you spend most of your free time?

i. Why do you like it?


...Who with?

or Why don't you like it?