Ways of presenting English grammar

Contexts, prompts and methods

Grammar Practice for learners

for independent study, self-access centre or occasional class use

[L1]-[L2] Basic Grammar in Use with answers and CD-ROM Raymond Murphy [20/09/2010]

[L2]-[L3] Essential Grammar in Use (with Answers and CD-ROM) by Raymond Murphy - Self-study reference & practice book [26/03/2015]

[L3]-[L5] English Grammar in Use (with Answers and Interactive eBook) by Raymond Murphy - Self-study reference & practice book for Intermediate Learners of English [30/07/2015]

[L6]-[L7] Advanced Grammar in Use (with Answers and CD-ROM) by Martin Hewings [18/06/2015]

[L4]-[L7] Practical English Usage, 3rd Edition Michael Swan [ 21/04/2005]

[L6]-[L7] A Practical English Grammar Thomson and Martinet [26/06/1986]

Grammar Activities and Games for teachers to use in the classroom

[L2]-[L5] Grammar Practice Activities (2nd Revised edition) Penny Ur [27/04/2009] contains wide-ranging examples for teachers wishing to design their own materials - grammar

[L2]-[L5] Games for Language Learning (3rd Edition) Andrew Wright, David Betteridge, Michael Buckby [03/04/2006]

Grammar Teaching

Grammar for English Language Teachers (2nd Edition) (with Exercises and a Key) Martin Parrot [29/01/2010]

How to Teach Grammar Scott Thornbury [01/10/2000]

Meaning and the English Verb Geoffrey Leech [09/09/2004] a classic, especially helpful for essays relating language function to syntax or form e.g. "what are the main uses of the Present Perfect?"

A Communicative Grammar of English Geoffrey Leech, Jan Svartvik [06/01/2003] should appeal to teachers or learners requiring explanations of grammar in the context of meaning