Designing a placement test

Selective Deletion Test
[Cloze] set on an incline of difficulty.


NAME ........................................

NATIONALITY ..........................

Write ONE word in each space

Every year, many people come _______ Brighton for holidays and to learn English.

Rosa is a Spanish student. At the moment, she _______ staying in an English family.

Her hostess wants _______ know if she likes tea or coffee. In Spain, Rosa drinks
strong, black coffee, but in England she prefers tea _______ a little milk and sugar.

Rosa is living _______ 65 Brunswick Road, not far _______ the school. Every morning after
breakfast, she _______ her house and walks along Western Road towards the English Language Centre.

When students arrive at the ELC (English Language Centre) for the _______ time, they usually
have to do a short test _______ that they can be placed in classes at the _______ level.

Masami, a new student from Japan, is answering some questions.

"How long have you _______ learning English?" his teacher is ________ him.

"Not very long. Only _______ about 6 months," is Masami's _______.

On their first day, new students are also _______ useful information
about the school and its programme of social activities.

Younger students often enjoy _______ to discotheques while older ones are
often more _______ in exploring the surrounding towns and villages.

For the long distance sightseer, the school offers a wide _______
of excursions. Maps and guidebooks are on _______ in the ELC bookshop.

London is only 60 miles _______, and fast trains from Brighton to London
complete the _______ in just under an hour.

Those students _______ to explore Brighton & Hove and the surrounding
area can obtain a special card which allows unlimited _______ on buses
and trains within the locality. This is usually issued for _______ of
one or four weeks.

Bus and train ________ in Britain today are significantly higher
than before, as a result of ________ in fuel prices and in other costs.
However, many transport authorities have special schemes to allow regular
passengers to cut __________ on their expenses. With the travelcard,
large savings can be _______ .