Multiple Choice Testing

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Part II: Vocabulary

13. Margaret is Andrew's aunt, so Andrew is Margaret's ______.

A) nephew B) niece C) cousin D) son-in-law

14. The _____ is upstairs in the bathroom.

A) sink B) washbasin C) landing D) hall

15. "I tried to phone you, but your line was _______ .

A) occupied B) taken C) engaged D) connected

16. My uncle's farm has a lot of ______.

A) gardens B) grasses C) fields D) lands

17. Coal is ______ in Britain.

A) manufactured B) mined C) grown D) built

18. My parents often ______ money from the bank.

A) save B) lend C) cash D) borrow

19. Members of Parliament are _____ by the people.

A) elected B) represented C) voted D) nominated

20. He just _____ on his back and slept for half an hour.

A) lain B) laid C) lied D) lay

21. You can't fool her. She's never _____ in.

A) taking B) giving C) taken D) given

22. We'll be glad to put you _____ for the weekend.

A) down B) up C) in D) away

23. This test is so difficult I feel absolutely _____.

A) sharpened B) shattered C) scattered D) scrambled

24. Sorry, I can't repay you this week. I'm completely _____.

A) dead B) broken C) broke D) destroyed