Multiple Choice Testing

Part IV: Listening to speakers in different situations: ANSWER SHEET FOR STUDENTS

[The teacher should play an audio-recording or read the Tape Script for this part of the test. ]

Listen and mark where the speaker is [A B C D] on your ANSWER SHEET:

37. "____________________________________________"

A) In a church B) In a supermarket

C) In a restaurant D) In the market

38. "______________________________________________"

A) On the phone B) On a bus

C) In a queue D) At a theatre

39. "______________________"


A) In a snack bar B) At a ticket office

C) At a hairdresser's D) In a bank

40. "_________________________________________"

A) In a bookshop B) At a fishmonger's

C) In a chemist's D) In a post office

Listen and mark the best answer [A B C D] on your ANSWER SHEET:


41. "_________"

A) "I haven't got any."

B) "Not too bad, thanks."

C) "There's nothing."

D) "How do you do!"

42. "________________"

A) "Oh, what's the matter?"

B) "It's lovely weather we're having!"

C) "Doesn't time fly?"

D) "Yes, I feel awful."

43. "____________________________________________"

A) "Certainly not!"

B) "Well, never mind!"

C) "Have another one!"

D) "So do I!"

44. "_________"

A) "Very well, thank you."

B) "Nothing special, I'm afraid."

C) "I'm going up to London."

D) "I was up until after midnight."

45. "_________"

A) "I'm sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry."

B) "I'm afraid I haven't got a watch."

C) "Certainly, it's six minutes to ten."

D) "No, I couldn't. I don't know the time."

Which is the important word? Mark [A B C D] on your ANSWER SHEET:

46. "______"

A) back B) going

C) not D) I'm


47. "______"

A) driving B) car

C) She's D) that


48. "______"

A) going B) We're

C) tomorrow D) home