Computerized testing

Sources of JavaScript test-type authoring packages (for teachers who wish to create interactive quizzes to run on web browsers or the web):

1) Hot Potatoes Software Suite created by Martin Holmes caters for popular test formats such as Gap-Fill, Multiple Choice, Matching and Jumbled Sentences. This software suite also allows to to develop your own self-correcting crosswords.

2) The Internet TESL Journal also welcomes contributions from teachers and test developers and can convert your test data to run interactively. Click HERE to see an example of a self-correcting test, authored using a Javascript template. The Internet TESL Journal offers a generous collection of self-correcting tests (i.e. programmed in Javascript) for English language learners and also maintains a good page of links on TESL Internet Web Authoring.

3) Fun Web pages with JavaScript by John Shelley (2000 Bernard Babani Publishing Ltd) ISBN 0 85934 483 5 Price �6.99 - suitable for teachers (interested in computer programming!) who would enjoy the challenge of writing their own authoring software (i.e. Javascript Template) for their language test to run interactively:

John Shelley is a principal examiner for the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, which administers a number of examinations in computer literacy as well as English as a Second Language (including the Cambridge First Certificate in English). He has a Masters degree in Computing at Imperial College, London, where he has worked and lectured. Fun Web pages with JavaScript is published by Bernard Babani (publishing) LTD, The Grampians, Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NF England. It gives you the essence of what you want to know without costing you a fortune. Happily Javascript is just added to your HTML code. You do not need to buy any more software and can create all your programs for the web in a text editor or in a word-processor SAVED as a TEXT FILE. Just substitute the file suffix .HTML for .TXT and your browser will show you your page and your HTML code with Javascipt extension. Don't go buying Java Software, because it is different and not needed.