CHAPTER 5 of 22




Chapter 5 ----The entry test [30 gaps]-------- Interactive version

At exactly half past nine, four women and two men enter the large room.

Mrs Palmer __________ them one by one. They are all teachers. The women

look _____, but one of the men is ________ an old pair of jeans. Mrs Palmer is

not happy with his ________, but she knows he is a good teacher.

"I'd like to introduce you to Kevin, one of our most ________ teachers!" she

says, " and I'd like the ______ students sitting in the front ____ to go with him

to Room 21. You're going to do a short test!"

It is now ten o' clock. Arturo is with a teacher in Room 11. Her name is

Anne Evans. Arturo is looking at four ________ on his _________ paper. The

pictures tell a story. Arturo is writing the story in English on his ________


Rosa is with Kevin in Room 21. He is testing her _________ and _________.

"How do you spell your ________?" he asks.

"I don't __________?" says Rosa.

"Your surname ... your family name," Kevin _________.

"Do you mean my family in England or in Spain?" Rosa asks.

Kevin is very ________.

"My name's Kevin Foster. My ______ name's Kevin and my surname's

Foster. Here's a picture of Elvis, the ____ of rock & roll. His first name's

Elvis. Can you tell me his surname ... his family name?"

"O.K.! O.K.! Now I understand!" _______ Rosa. "But in Spain we have

two family names - one from our father and one from our mother. My

family names are Garcia and Fernandez!"

"How do you spell Garcia?" Kevin _____.

Rosa ______ for a moment.

"J. ... I'm ________ ... G. ... A.R.C.I.A. - Is that good?" she asks.

Kevin _______ a few words about Rosa's English and then looks at his watch.

He has to speak to five more students ______ the coffee break at _____ past ten.

"Thank you, Rosa!", he says. "You understand some English, but your

__________ and _____________ are not so good. I have to check your writing

so please finish the ________ questions and the ______ and put them on my

table. Now I need to speak to Yukiko! Tell me Yukiko ... Are you learning

English for love or for money?!"