CHAPTER 6 of 22




Chapter 6 ----Lunch-time in the English family

"Roger, your lunch is on the table!"

Roger Frost is writing in English on his computer, but there are many French

books on his desk.

"I'm coming, dear!" he shouts.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Diana is serving the potatoes. She puts a

potato on Isaac's plate and cuts it up into small pieces.

"How many potatoes would you like, Elisabeth - one or two?"

Elisabeth is already eating sausages and beans. She has a good appetite.

"Two please, mummy!" she answers quickly.

On weekday mornings, the two children go to a play group in the centre of

Wembley. Some mothers and fathers help with the play group, but usually

parents are free to do shopping and other jobs.

"It's just a simple lunch, today!" Diana tells Roger. "Monday's my busy


Diana is a nurse at a hospital in West London. She works four days a week

from 3 o'clock in the afternoon to 10 o'clock in the evening.

"Every day's your busy day!" Roger tells her. "That's why you're my


Roger is also very busy, but he does not often leave the house. He works

upstairs on his computer. He translates books from French, Italian and

Spanish into good English.

"Well, today you can work very hard with your translation. Rosa's coming

home at half past two and she can look after the children." Diana tells him.

The dessert is also very simple, but the children enjoy it. It is jelly and

ice-cream - a hospital favourite because it is quick to serve and easy to eat!

Diana leaves her husband with the children and goes upstairs to get ready

for work. It is his job to put the kettle on and do the washing up.