CHAPTER 8 of 22




Chapter 8 ----In a West London hospital

It is Thursday afternoon in West London and Diana is starting work in the

hospital. Rebecca, another nurse is talking to her.

"Today you've got three patients. Mr Miles is no problem. He is very

independent. The two problems are Mr Knight and Mr Blythe. Mr Blythe likes

to read quietly, but Mr Knight has a lot of visitors. One of the visitors is his

wife. She likes to talk. She talks all the time and Mr Blythe is becoming very


"Is the doctor coming round today?" asks Diana.

"Yes," says Rebecca. "She's coming at about five o'clock. Could you ask

her to look at Mr Blythe's left foot? It's giving him a lot of pain. Here's a list of

jobs for this evening. I'm going home now. I'm very tired. Good luck!"

"Goodbye, Rebecca! See you on Monday!" Diana says.

Diana is also tired, but she is happy. Thursday is the end of her week. But

Mr Blythe is not happy. Mrs Knight is still talking to her husband.

"You have three pairs of socks and two clean shirts in this bag. Tomorrow,

I'm going to wash your green pullover. Do you want your red pyjamas and

your small alarm clock?" She asks him.

Mr Knight does not answer his wife. She talks all the time, but he sleeps

nearly all the time. He is sleeping now.

Diana feels sorry for Mr Blythe and plans to help him.

"Mr Blythe," she says. "There's an empty bed near the window and the

view from the window is very nice. Would you like to move there?"

"That's very kind of you, nurse!" Mr Blythe answers.

Diana asks Fiona, another staff nurse, to help her. Together, they move

Mr Blythe's bed. He can now read in peace.