CHAPTER 14 of 22




Chapter 14 ----First lesson in a new class

There are now two Spanish students in Anne Evans class. Arturo from

the north of Spain and Rosa from Madrid. Anne is happy to have twelve

students because they can all do pairwork! Rosa is happy because the

level is more difficult. On the board, there is a list of irregular verbs in

the Past Simple:

1. lost

8. came

15. became

2. felt

9. went

16. hid

3. saw

10. were

17. lay

4. said

11. ate

18. stood

5. led

12. heard

19. woke up

6. was

13. got out

20. told

7. rang

14. had


Anne gives her students very clear instructions:

"Id like Rosa to sit next to Yukiko so that weve got six pairs. You all

have a copy of the list of words on the board. Im going to tell you a

short story. Listen carefully and tick the words you hear."


Rosa does not have a copy of the word list, but Yukiko is very kind. The

two students share one photocopy. They do not disturb their teacher.

Anne starts her story:


"Yesterday, on my way home from school, I lost all my money.

Suddenly, I felt very hungry, but at the same moment I saw an

interesting sign. It said: FREE FOOD, THIS WAY! The sign led to a

nice restaurant, but it was closed. I rang the door bell. Nobody came so I

went inside. On the first table, there were three plates of sushi. I ate two

of them. Then I heard the noise of a taxi. A large man got out. He had

two glasses of saki in his hands. I became afraid and hid under the table.

I lay there for nearly an hour while the large man stood by the door. Then

I woke up. The man by the door was my husband. He told me that it was

morning and that I was in my own bedroom. In his hands, he had two

cups of strong, black coffee."


Anne is a good teacher and her lessons have a lot of variety. The students

have to tell the same story again to their pairwork partners, but first they

have to ask questions in the Past Simple. Anne is listening carefully to her

new student. She tells Rosa that there are two types of questions with the

words WHO, WHAT, HOW MUCH and HOW MANY . Then she

writes some examples on the board for all the class to see:

Who lost all her money?

Anne did.


Who got out of the taxi?

A large man did.


How many glasses of saki did he have?



What did Anne lose?

All her money.


How much sushi did Anne eat?

A lot.