CHAPTER 16 of 22




Chapter 16 ----Practising English in a Study Centre

Kevin Foster is responsible for the Study Centre where students come after their lessons. It's now Friday. Rosa and Arturo are coming to practise their English.

 "Welcome to self-study!" Kevin says. He knows it's their first time.

 "What can we do in the language laboratory?" Arturo asks.

 "Some students like to listen and fill in information, but I think it's better to use the lab for speaking practice," Kevin replies.

 "Yes, I need to practise my pronunciation!" Rosa says.

 "Then try this cassette. It has all the English sounds which are difficult for Spanish speakers and some exercises on rhythm and stress. There's also a worksheet which you can take home," Kevin explains.

 "Can I take the cassette home?" Rosa asks.

 Kevin hates this question, but answers politely.

 "No, I'm sorry! We like all the cassettes to stay in the language laboratory. The machines here are special. They play the teacher's voice on Side A and record the student's voice on Side B at the same time. You can't do that on a normal cassette recorder."

 "What other types of speaking practice can we do?" Arturo asks.

 "Well, the grammar practice drills are very useful at your level. Some students write all their grammar in their workbooks very slowly. They never learn to speak correctly at normal speed. Some grammar drills are very boring, but this cassette presents the language in interesting situations."

 "Is there a book?" Arturo wants to know. "Yes, here it is," answers Kevin. "Use the book to find the place on the cassette, but then shut it. Use your ears and your memory. Then speak! Don't read the answers from the book."

 "How many exercises should I do?" Arturo asks.

 "It's best to repeat just one or two exercises every day. Record and play back your answers several times. Try to do better each time. When you get tired, do something different. Practise your conversation or test your vocabulary on one of the computers!"