CHAPTER 22 of 22




Chapter 22 ----A trip to Gatwick Airport

It is the last Friday in February and Arturoís last day in England. Rosa is with him. They are standing at the Charter Flight desk at Gatwick Airport.

Last week, Arturo phoned a travel company and bought a cheap flight with his credit card. The company gave him a booking reference and told him to collect the ticket at the airport.

"Do you think youíre going to get a ticket?" Rosa asks.

"Iím not worried!" Arturo answers. "I have to wait until the agent from the Charter company arrives. She has all the tickets for late bookings."

"Well, while youíre waiting," Rosa says, "I want to give you a small present. Put it in your hand luggage!" She gives him a small box.

"Can I have a look at it first?" Arturo asks.

"No, youíll hate it!" Rosa answers.

Arturo opens the box and takes out two small tea-cups. They are decorated with pictures of the Royal Pavilion. At the bottom of the box are some cards from the British Museum.

"Thank you, Rosa!" he says. "Iíll read the cards when Iím on the plane. I donít want to cry in the airport. But why did you buy me two teacups?" he asks.

"Tea for two!" Rosa answers. "One for you and one for your guest. Iím coming to visit you at Easter!"

A broad smile appears on Arturoís face.

"Well, Iíve got something for you too!"

He gives her a large envelope with her name on. Inside, Rosa finds a picture of a London pub and a CD of songs by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. She looks at Arturo warmly.

"Learn these songs," he tells her, "and youíll speak perfect Scottish and American English!"

"Which is your favourite song?" she asks him. "Iíll learn it first!"

"My favourite," Arturo answers, "is The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Itís a very romantic song. Iíd like to sing it to you every day!"

"Well, wait until I come to Gijon and then you can!" Rosa promises.

Both Rosa and Arturo are very happy. The language course was a success. They both passed their test. On Monday, Rosa is going to study at a more difficult level and at Easter both Rosa and Arturo will be together again.