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How to find the song texts

Published song books with texts and music

  1. The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook - lyrics and chords for guitar - (194 of their songs) from the actual recordings in the original keys
  2. The Essential Ewan MacColl Songbook (200 songs)
  3. Tom Paxton: The Honor of Your Company lyrics & music including his classic compositions (over 85 songs)
  4. American Favorite Ballads - Tunes and Songs, as sung by Pete Seeger (over 80 songs)
  5. Peter, Paul & Mary : Deluxe Anthology (80 songs)
  6. The Best Of Bob Dylan Chord Songbook Guitar Chord Songbook (70 Dylan classics)
  7. The Joan Baez Songbook (66 of her best loved folk songs)
  8. Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits Piano/Vocal (14 of their best songs)
  9. The Peggy Seeger Songbook - Forty Years of Songmaking (circa 148 songs)
  10. Folksinger's Wordbook edited by Fred and Irwin Silber (1000 songs organised into 39 sections) buy used on Abebooks

Search the Internet for song lyrics

use Google, following the instructions below to avoid junk results:

Embed your search string within speech marks or inverted commas.

If you search by SONG TITLE, expect to find a number of spam or advertising web sites which use popular song titles to promote their own purposes. To find the song texts you want, a better idea is to use a line or distinctive phrase from the middle of the song text as your search string, remembering to embed the whole line or phrase within speech marks.

A search string such as "the sun so hot I froze to death" should quickly return the full song text of Oh, Susanna.

----------Phoneme Chart KEY to the 44 English Sounds