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Written introductions:______by ESL students after their third week in Brighton

A Profile of Stefan from Switzerland

I'm a young man of 33 with great plans for the future. I'm of German nationality, though I

live in a small town on a wonderful lake in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

My job is very interesting - I'm a head-waiter in a big restaurant for most of the year, but in

the summer I switch to a different workplace - a boat on the lake where I work as a

steward in what you could call a floating restaurant. I am very interested in cooking and

often invite my friends to meals which I prepare for them.


I became interested in language schools after reading an advertisement in a newspaper. I

sent off for information and after careful examination of several brochures, making all the

necessary price comparisons, I concluded that the ELC, though not the cheapest, was

hopefully one of the best schools in England.


The UK has a rich and interesting history with so many beautiful buildings. Old castles,

cathedrals and churches are everywhere to be seen and on visits to these places I always

discover new things which I've never seen before.

British people are very different - I'm thinking especially of the difference between the old

and the young people. The old people like speaking and are very kind. When I am

travelling and I need some information, I always approach the old people because they are

friendly, patient and some of them have a sense of humour. The students at the ELC,

however, are like a big family. It doesn't take a long time to get to know each other, to

make friends and to start going out with one another.

A Profile of Simona from Switzerland


I'm nineteen years old and I come from Switzerland. I live in Lugano,a small city in the

south, near Italy. I finished school two years ago and spent last year studying German in

Germany. I like reading, listening to music, going to discos and meeting friends. In winter,

I like skiing or ice skating and in summer playing tennis.


I chose to come to the English Language Centre in Brighton because my cousin was here

six years ago and liked the place. I think Brighton offers students of all ages many things to

see and do. For example, there are amusements for young people while there isn't the

confusion of London - it's quieter. The ELC offers the opportunity to study well and make

quick progress, but also to visit other places in the UK. In addition to the social

programme, you can also get to know Brighton better yourself.

In general, I like British people, but not the young people. They are unfriendly and not very

sociable. However, it is very interesting meeting students from all over the world so that

you can learn about other cultures and customs.


The course is good and it is possible to learn the grammatical system quite fast. The

teachers are kind and always accessible. Since I've been here I have made some progress -

I can speak better and I have been studying new grammar.


I really like the English family where I live. They are nice and kind.

Their home is clean and spacious. The food is different to that of my own

country, but I like it too. Each member of the family is fairly independent;

the husband sometimes helps the wife - they are a modern family.


During the weekdays, after school, I sometimes go to the Lanes, the old

part of Brighton, or I sometimes go to play ten pin bowling. In the weekends,

I like going to Brighton Marina to see a movie at the cinema there or just

walking on the beach or looking around the shops. I have also visited London,

and Cambridge and have been with the school to Chichester and Canterbury,

including a visit to Leeds Castle - the most beautiful place of all.