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The Past Simple or Present Perfect

Past Simple [Finished events, Completed actions ] Present Perfect [Link with the Present]
yesterday ever (in your life)
last week / month just (before now)
two days / weeks ago already / yet
a moment ago since ( + point of time)
when I was a child recently / lately

Examples of the Past Simple Examples of the Present Perfect
What did you do yesterday? [normal verb ] Have you ever visited China?
Where were you last week? [verb To BE] Have you been out this morning?
I studied very hard last month. Has he finished yet? [before now]
He went to the toilet a moment ago. I haven't been very well recently.
Ted lived in Bournemouth from 1969-72. Angeles has just arrived in class.
Did you cry a lot when you were a baby? The other students have already come.
I drove to Bath last Friday. They have been there since 9 o'clock.
I overslept this morning. [Past & Finished] I've been very unfair to my wife lately.

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the correct verb tense:

1. You (see) Charles recently? I (see) him in class last Friday but I (not see) him since.

2. Franzi (be) very tired yesterday. She go to bed early because she (not sleep) much recently.

3. "Diana.... (you visit) the Royal Pavilion yet?"

"Yes, Ted. I (be) there already."

"Really! When (you go) ?"

"I (just see) it. I (go) there yesterday!... No, I'm joking. I (go) there two months ago."

4. "Mariella....(you eat) any good Italian food lately?"

"Yes. I (eat) some in London the day before yesterday. It (be) fantastic!"

5. "Ruth. Where (spend you) your holidays when you were a child?"

"Nowhere. I (never have) a holiday in my life! .... No, that's a lie. I (spend) them at home!"

6. "Tomoyo, Takako and Mayumi (all eat) Miso soup before in their lives, but they last (eat) some when they were in Japan. They (not eat) any lately!

7. Rafael (get up) at 7 a.m. this morning, but he (not have) breakfast yet.