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  1. (COUNTABLE) Some students, some tables, some chairs
  2. (UNCOUNTABLE) Some milk, some sugar, some money, some time
  3. (COUNTABLE) Are there any students? There aren't any students.
  4. (UNCOUNTABLE) Is there any milk? There isn't any milk.

"No" can either mean "zero quantity" (uncountable) or "zero number" (countable)

Correct your mistakes!

  1. Don't say: "all people in my class". Say: "everybody in my class".
  2. Don't say: "all things are good". Say: "everything is good".
  3. Don't say: "I haven't been any place". Say: "I haven't been anywhere.

Correct and complete the following sentences

1. ALL PEOPLE [ ] in my class is studying English.


2. If you marry me, I'll give you ALL THINGS [ ] ,

I'll take you ALL PLACES [ ] and you will

meet ALL PEOPLE [ ].


3. I'm very unhappy because ___________ loves me;

I feel I'm going _____________ and I can't do ______________

about it. Can _____________ help me?


4. "_____________ is more important than love.

If you have love, you have ___________ you need!"


"That's not true. I agree that you have ______________ but

you don't have ____________ ."

"O.K., but having ____________ is better than having ___________ ."