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Make sentences using the indicative, the negative & the interrogative

1. Sarah / happy / recently.

2. Alex / a bad day / yesterday.

3. Ted / to Madrid, next December.

4. He / there / four weeks.

5. Fadi / often / tomato soup / as a starter.

6. If / Raphael / military service / he / very happy.

7. When / Brigitte / to Switzerland / she / her friends in Hove.

8. Hoon / Switzerland / before.

9. Jen / that expensive watch / ago.

10. Ted / a new class / next week.


PRESENT CONTINUOUS (at the moment, now, next week, next year, tomorrow)

She is teaching. She isn't teaching. Is she teaching..?


PRESENT SIMPLE (every day, always, all the time, usually, often, never)

She teaches. She doesn't teach. Does she teach...?


PAST SIMPLE ( yesterday, 3 days ago, for 2 years : finished, last _ _)

She taught She didn't teach. Did she teach...?


PRESENT PERFECT (ever, before, never, yet, since + past date, lately,

already, just, recently )

She's taught

She has taught She hasn't taught. Has she taught..?


FUTURE SIMPLE (predictions - will/may/might + 1st part/base form)

(confident offers: I'll make the tea. You sit down.)

(promises: I'll love you for ever!)

(1st Conditional: I'll marry you if you buy me a car.)

(Time clauses : I'll see you when you get home. )

Note: Use the Present Simple in the clauses with

"if" & "when" ; use "will" or "won't" in the

other part of the sentence.


PAST CONTINUOUS (the longer of 2 actions in a sentence)

While I was driving to Oxford, I saw a kangaroo.