7B. Business & Finance____Fish And Chip Technical Supplies Ltd____[Informal]

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

FACTS Ltd, which has been trading for three years, turns over about 400,000 annually. The acronym stands for Fish And Chip Technical Supplies. The business is jointly owned by two brothers, Don and Rick Stark. Don failed most of his school examinations and his Careers Guidance Officer told him he was not cut out for any job which involved simple Arithmetic. However, he was not put off. He put down a lump sum, which included all the money his grandparents had left him, into a business account and persuaded his younger brother Rick to lay out nearly all his savings to support the launch of their new company. Rick lay a small proportion of his savings by to finance his Open University degree in Digital Electronics. Their joint capital did not come to very much, but the performance of FACTS in its first year of operation came up to the targets that they had been advised to go for.

When the two brothers brought out their first set of accounts, it seemed that the profitability of FACTS Ltd depended on sales of their computerized chipping machine, a revolutionary device for cutting potatoes into exact shapes and sizes. When the next set of figures came out, it was clear that the same masterpiece of digital technology, robotics and razor sharp cutting equipment was making all the money. Sales of "Macrofish" and "Microfish", their twin high speed ovens for baking large and small fish, had fallen off. Customers preferred their fish fried and medium-sized. The brothers now plan to cut out these items to cut down on their losses. They will also pull back from areas of Britain where there are few Fish and Chip shops to cut back on transport costs.

Handle (+ value in business)

turn over

Aim at

go for

Spend or invest (money)

lay out

Be as good as to

Come up

Pay (money) in a lump sum

put down


Put off

Put aside

lay by

Decline in numbers

Fall off

Amount to

come to


Cut down on


stand for


Cut out


bring out


Cut back on

Appear in print

come out


Pull back

Suited to

cut out for


Pull out of