Graded Readers at the upper intermediate level [B2-C1 Common European Framework]

B2-C1: [2500 headwords to unadapted]--lower intermediate---geographical-----human interest-----crime-----adventure-----horror-----topics

Except where otherwise stated, the choice is: 'the book alone' or 'a multi media pack with the text of the book together with an audio recording'.

B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - geographical

B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - human interest

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B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - crime

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B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - adventure

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B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - horror

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B2-C1: upper int. to advanced - topics

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See the Discussion section on this website for links to unadapted books on 28 popular topics.
My aim in selecting these 'themes for discussion' is to help higher level students to serve themselves well in developing a broad general English vocabulary.

Graded Readers - levels [A1 to C1 Common European Framework]

A1:-----[300-600 headwords]----------beginner-------------------------places-----people-----stories-----plays-----topics

A2:-----[600-1000 headwords]---------elementary----------------------places-----people-----stories-----plays-----topics

B1:-----[1000-1400 headwords]----lower intermediate----------geographical----human interest-----crime-----adventure-----horror-----topics

B1:-----[1400-1800 headwords]-------intermediate--------------geographical----human interest-----crime-----adventure-----horror-----topics

B2:-----[1800-2500 headwords]-------upper intermediate-------geographical----human interest-----crime-----adventure-----horror-----topics

B2-C1: [2500-unadapted headwords]-upper int - advanced ----geographical----human interest-----crime-----adventure-----horror-----topics

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