Controlled Parking Zones

Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: What do you think of Controlled Parking Zones?

B: They are money making schemes for The Council. The Council has admitted that it uses money from parking charges for other schemes.

A: But surely things like concessionary bus fares are related to tackling congestion.

B: Why should I have to pay to park outside my home!

A: Well, the point is that it becomes increasingly unlikely that you can park anywhere near year home if vehicles from other towns or other parts of our city get there first.

B: I've always managed so far, and there would be more space for cars if people can be persuaded to park bumper to bumper and if there were shorter yellow lines around junctions.

A: I've heard these arguments before. They only consider car owners. What if you have a pram and are looking for a gap between cars to cross the road?

B: Most people can find a way to cross the road. I've a friend who lives in a CPZ and he says it isn't any better. Double yellow lines seal off large stretches of road. He says that there is 30% less parking space available in the area.

A: Don't you think that yellow lines are often needed to stop pavement parking and obstructions to pedestrians at road junctions? Isn't the aim safe, legal parking which is considerate to other street users?

B: It seems to me that you want a nanny state with lots of rules. Think of the cost of all this red tape stopping people from going about their business.

A: Your idea of freedom is a formula for chaos, which pollutes the environment, makes walking less attractive and endangers pedestrians. You clearly haven't heard of Living Streets.

-----© Ted Power