Art or Graffiti?

Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Should the authorities (e.g. ‘the law’ or local councils) adopt an attitude of zero tolerance towards graffiti which is displayed without permission?


2. Generally, do you think that graffiti makes a positive or negative contribution to society? If you think it can do both, give examples.


3. Does ‘good art’ confine itself to beauty and dignity? If you disagree, give examples of ‘good art’ which falls outside these limits.


4. How important is context in deciding to allow or censor public art?


5. Should graffiti artists always respect the wishes of the owners of the buildings and structures which they adopt as their canvases?


6. What sanctions are needed, if any, to deter graffiti likely to offend, shock or incite hatred? What are the best ways to bring about a reduction in the type of graffiti which most people find unacceptable? Can this be done without banning all graffiti?


7. Do you think that your own local council’s policies on graffiti are too liberal, too authoritarian, or well judged?

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