Multiple Choice Testing

Protecting test question papers for re-use by subsequent intakes of learners

Insert TEST QUESTION PAPER A4 SHEETS (two at a time facing outwards) in clear plastic wallets e.g. REXEL RSP/A4 with the white strip containing 6 oval and five round punched holes for clipping into ring binders or A4 files.

Equivalent products exist e.g. ESSELTE COPY-SAFE or BANTEX No 2035 DENMARK.

Buy in quantities of at least 100.

Beware of budget products where the transparent material is of inadequate thickness i.e. not much thicker than cling wrap!.

Seal them at the top with clear tape to prevent students who are used to unwrapping things from removing the Test Question Papers and proceeding to write on them.

Staple the pages together so that each booklet makes a complete TEST QUESTION PAPER with the pages clearly numbered and in the right order.

You can then use them with subsequent intakes of students.