CHAPTER 11 of 22




Chapter 11 ----Sightseeing & shopping in London (1) [30 gaps]

A young lady is waiting on the steps of the _______________ Museum. She is

looking at her _____________. Itís twenty to three in the afternoon. A young man

arrives. He is ten ________________ late.


"Do your girl-friends in Spain ________________ wait for you?" Rosa asks him.


"Only the old and ________________ ones!" answers Arturo.


Rosa is not happy with him.


"Well, this is my _________________ and Iím going to do what I want. First, I want

to look at the ________________ mummies in the ________________. ______________ very old and

ugly and theyíre waiting for you!"


The two young students ________________ an hour in the museum and then buy

picture ______________________ to send to their ___________________.


"We need at ______________ a week to visit such a big museum. One _______________ isnít

__________________!" says Arturo.


"You can stay here a week," _________________ Rosa, "but Iím going to two

bookshops. One is near London University just ______________ of the museum and

the other is a little way _______________ in Charing Cross Road. Are you coming

with me?"


"Yes," says Arturo, "but later ___________ like to go to the big music ________________ in

Oxford Street to look for ___________."


"If you are patient for the ____________ hour, we can go _______________ _______________."


Arturo is not very _______________. He also wants to look at the computer shops

in Tottenham Court Road. He _______________ to meet Rosa in the Psychology

Department of the first ___________________ at five oíclock.


Rosa likes the bookshop near the _____________________, but she is looking for a

particular book about Piaget, the Swiss Psychologist. She cannot find it

in the first shop. Arturo returns ten minutes _______________. The new super-

computers are interesting, but much too _________________.