CHAPTER 11 of 22




Chapter 11 ----Sightseeing & shopping in London (1)

A young lady is waiting on the steps of the British Museum. She is

looking at her watch. Itís twenty to three in the afternoon. A young man

arrives. He is ten minutes late.


"Do your girl-friends in Spain always wait for you?" Rosa asks him.


"Only the old and ugly ones!" answers Arturo.


Rosa is not happy with him.


"Well, this is my afternoon and Iím going to do what I want. First, I want

to look at the Egyptian mummies in the museum. Theyíre very old and

ugly and theyíre waiting for you!"


The two young students spend an hour in the museum and then buy

picture postcards to send to their friends.


"We need at least a week to visit such a big museum. One hour isnít

enough!" says Arturo.


"You can stay here a week," answers Rosa, "but Iím going to two

bookshops. One is near London University just north of the museum and

the other is a little way south in Charing Cross Road. Are you coming

with me?"


"Yes," says Arturo, "but later Iíd like to go to the big music stores in

Oxford Street to look for CDs."


"If you are patient for the next hour, we can go there later."


Arturo is not very patient. He also wants to look at the computer shops

in Tottenham Court Road. He arranges to meet Rosa in the Psychology

Department of the first bookshop at five oíclock.


Rosa likes the bookshop near the university, but she is looking for a

particular book about Piaget, the Swiss Psychologist. She cannot find it

in the first shop. Arturo returns ten minutes early. The new super-

computers are interesting, but much too expensive.