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Chapter 12 ----Sightseeing & shopping in London (2)

"Can we go to Oxford Street now?" he asks her.

"Youíre ten minutes early," she answers, "and I need to go to the second

bookshop in Charing Cross Road. Itís just for one book. It wonít take



"O.K., but please hurry!" says Arturo. "British shops close very early!

Many of them close at half past five!"

They go to the second bookshop. Rosa is very lucky. The shop assistant

is Spanish and studies Psychology. He finds the book very quickly. But

Arturo isnít so lucky. Rosa has to wait in a long queue to pay for the



It is nearly half past five and Arturo is becoming very impatient.

"Donít worry!" says Rosa. "London is an international city. Iím sure

the big music stores close later than other shops!"


Rosa is right. When they arrive in Oxford Street, the large music stores

are still open. Arturo finds what he wants and pays for it very quickly.

He is happy now and tells Rosa about his new CD.

"Itís a collection of songs by the American folk-singer Peggy Seeger!"

he explains. "The CD is an American import. I canít find it in Spain."



"What does she sing about?" Rosa asks.


"Thatís a good question," answers Arturo, "because the words of her

songs make you think. Some of them are about the social situation of

women. Others are about green politics and the world we live in. Iím

sure youíll like them!"


"When can I hear them?"


"Not now," answers Arturo, "because now weíre going to visit a very

interesting London pub in Holborn. The pub was the home of Britainís

oldest folk club. Peggy Seeger was one of the resident singers. Her

husband and singing partner was Ewan MacColl. Heís dead now, but he

was the father of British folk music and writer of many great songs."


"When can I hear these songs?" Rosa asks again.


"Well, my CD player is at home in my flat. I donít want to take my CDs

to school, so perhaps I could invite you home one day next week. Now,

Iím going to invite you to drink the best beer in London!"


"Thatís very kind of you, but I think Iíll have an orange juice!" Rosa

answers with a smile on her face.