CHAPTER 13 of 22




Chapter 13 ----In the Course Directorís Office

"Come in, Rosa!"


Mary Palmer is sitting at her desk in the Course Directorís office at The

English Language College. She is expecting Rosa.


"Angela tells me that you want to change your class. There are only

five students in your present class so you have a good opportunity to

practise your pronunciation. Do you really want to move to a class with

eleven other students?"


Rosa answers Mrs Palmerís question very carefully.


"Itís true that I have a lot of speaking time in my present class, but Iím

becoming bored. The teacher speaks very clearly, but the book is always

the same and the other students are very slow."


Mrs Palmer can see that Rosa really wants to change, but she must be

careful. She doesnít want all the students to change their classes.


"Well, itís possible to move you up to the next level. Thereís just one

place in that class. Youíll need to learn a lot of new words and the

grammar is much more difficult. How often do you use the Study



The English Language College has three special rooms where students

can practise after school. The Study Centre contains a language

laboratory, a video room and a modern library with cassette players and

computers. Many students use the rooms every day, but Rosa has to look

after Elisabeth and Isaac.


"I can only use the Study Centre on Friday afternoons. On other days,

I have to arrive home before three oíclock to help my English family!"

answers Rosa.


"O.K." says Mrs Palmer, "you can move to Room 11 after coffee, but

I want you to practise in the Study Centre every Friday afternoon!"


Rosa is very happy to change class, but now she has to work every

afternoon. When can she visit Arturoís flat? When can she hear his CDs?