CHAPTER 9 of 22




Chapter 9 ----First letter home


72 Cowper Street, Wembley, London, W3 4AL

7th February, 1997


Dear Mum,

I hope you can understand me because Iím writing this letter in English.

Iím going to ask Roger, Mr Frost, to correct my mistakes. His job is a

translator and his English is perfect. He also speaks Spanish and French.

At the moment, he is translating a French novel into English.


I usually have to work hard after school, but on Fridays Diana, Mrs Frost,

does everything in the house. After working for four evenings as a nurse

in a hospital, she likes to spend three evenings with her own children. At

the moment, sheís putting Elisabeth to bed. Elisabeth asks a lot of

questions. It takes a long time to put her to bed. Isaac doesnít say very

much, but needs a lot of attention.

Iím sure you want to know about my new life in England. Well, every

morning after a normal breakfast, I walk to the Underground Station.

Itís on the Central Line so itís very easy to get to my language school.


I have a Spanish friend called Arturo and we meet in reception before

class. Weíre going shopping and sightseeing in London tomorrow. His

English is a little better than mine so I think he can help me with my



There are only four other students in my class and theyíre a little slow.

The book is not very exciting. All the questions are very general, for


Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Do you wash before or after you clean your teeth?

How many oranges do you eat each week?

Where do you usually go in the autumn?

Iíd like to ask the other students about particular times in their lives, but

then we need The Past Simple, which is not in our book!


In my next letter, Iím going to tell you more about my English family, but

now I need to prepare my sightseeing trip. Remember the big, red

"Tourist Guide to London". Itís the biggest thing on my desk!


All the best,