CHAPTER 10 of 22




Chapter 10 ----A supermarket shopping trip

Diana and Roger Frost are in a large supermarket in Wembley. They

shop here every Saturday morning. Their two children are at home with



"Iíll get the fruit and you get the vegetables!" Diana tells her husband.

Roger puts four small lettuces into his basket. Then he sees some large

tomatoes from Holland and some very small cherry tomatoes from Spain.

He likes tomatoes very much so he takes both types.


Diana always buys a lot of bananas. They are good value and the

children like them. The Frosts have apple and pear trees in their garden

so they do not buy any green fruit. They also have a lot of raspberries in

their freezer.


"Have you got the potatoes?" Diana asks.

"Yes, English ones - King Edwards!" answers Roger.

"Well, you can get the ham, cheese and olives. Iíll get the butter, milk,

yoghurt and pizza bases."


Roger takes a ticket from a small machine and waits for his number.

Then an assistant in a white uniform serves him with 200 grammes of

Honey Roast ham, 350 grammes of Cheddar cheese and 100 grammes of

small, black olives.


Diana is very quick. Her basket is now very full. She has also got a

packet of Mozarella cheese for the pizza topping and a large free-range

chicken for Sunday lunch. She meets her husband near the bread counter.

They buy two loaves of French bread for the weekend and some large

square tin loaves of white and brown bread to put in the freezer.

"Letís get the ice-cream and go home." Roger says. "Supermarkets

arenít my favourite places!"


"I know!" answers Diana. "Youíd like to do all your shopping by

computer! There are two more things on my list. We need toothpaste and

toilet paper!"