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Chapter 20 ----A Spanish meal

Today Mr Frost is a happy man. It is Friday afternoon, his wife is at home and his work is going well. He took Rosaís advice and bought an external disk drive from a shop in Tottenham Court Road. All the programs and files he needs for his job are now on the hard disk of the new computer.

Rosa is happy too, but she is not working in the Study Centre of the school. She is in the Frostsí kitchen with Arturo. They are preparing a Spanish meal for all the family and it is nearly ready.

Diana is relaxing in an armchair with a big pile of magazines. She enjoys reading about food, health, fashion and the home.

Elisabeth and Isaac have their books, toys and games all over the living room carpet. They are playing happily.

Arturo can lay a table very quickly. He and Rosa work well together.

Soon the Frosts are sitting round the dinner table and are ready for the first course. They are guests in their own home.

"The table looks beautiful!" Diana says.

"Wait until you taste the food!" Rosa exclaims.

The first course is gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup made with tomatoes, green peppers, olive oil, salt and bread.

"The recipe is from the south of Spain. We usually eat it in the summer,

but Rosa likes it very much!" Arturo explains. Rosa looks a little worried.

"Donít give Isaac too much!" she warns. "We put a lot of peppers and olive oil in it. The next course will be better for the children!"

"Yum! Yum!" Elisabeth says. She does not want to miss any of the Spanish meal. Rosa fetches the next course quickly and serves the children.

"Whatís that?" asks Elisabeth.

"Itís a special type of potato omelette," Arturo answers. "Itís called tortilla."

The two children enjoy eating the tortilla. Elisabeth is ready for everything that Rosa and Arturo can serve. But the other members of the Frost family are full up before the main course arrives. The final recipe contains chicken, prawns, mussels, rice, tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, salt, garlic and olive oil.

"Here you are Elisabeth! Your first Spanish paella! Can I serve anybody else?" Rosa asks.