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Introductions:______"Could you tell me..."

Ask a new student to tell you

  1. his / her first name and surname - its origin and meaning if any.
  2. his / her marital status.
  3. where he / she was born and where he / she lives now.

  4. what kind of home he / she lives in and who he / she lives with.

  5. how long he / she has been learning English.
  6. why he / she decided to learn English at this school.
  7. which other subjects he / she has studied recently if any.

  8. what jobs he / she has done or he / she is planning to do.

  9. what interests he / she has - hobbies, entertainment and sport.
  10. which types of people he / she most likes to have as friends.

  11. which countries and towns he / she has visited.
  12. which places he / she is planning to visit in Britain.

  13. if his / her life-style is typical of his / her country.

  14. his / her first impressions of the English town and English people.
  15. his / her first impressions of the language centre, its students and teachers.