Index | Home Page | Back | Next ______for 'new students' to learn from 'old students'

Introductions:______"Please tell me..."

Ask an old student to tell you ....

  1. how long they have been at the language school.

  2. who they talk to at coffee break and in what language.

  3. how many students they speak to from countries other than their own.

  4. where they eat at lunch break and who they go with.

  5. what they like doing after school

  6. what they do in the evenings

  7. the places they have visited at weekends.

  8. where to find a post office and the cost of a letter to their country.

  9. the best place to change money or use a cash machine.

  10. where to go to have a haircut.

  11. where to catch buses to the town centre and trains to London and the fares.

  12. which travel cards & tickets to buy for cheap bus and train travel.

  13. where to find

  14. the best shops to go to for good quality clothes at reasonable prices.

  15. the shops where they can buy books and cassettes for learning English.

  16. the places to go for swimming, bowling, squash, badminton and tennis.