Index | Home Page | Back | Next ______for students to learn information about their teacher

Introductions:______"I'd like to know..."

Ask your teacher to tell you ....

  1. his / her first name and surname - its origin and meaning if any.

  2. where he / she was born, where he/she went to school and university.

  3. how long he / she has been a teacher.

  4. which age groups he / she has taught.

  5. in what types of institution he / she has taught.

  6. in which countries and towns he / she has taught.

  7. which other subjects he / she has taught if any.

  8. what non-teaching jobs he / she has done if any.

  9. what other jobs he / she is qualified to do.

  10. what interests he / she has outside teaching.

  11. which types of student he / she most likes.

  12. if his / her life-style is typically English. (Watch out for Scots!)

  13. what kind of home he / she lives in and who he / she lives with.

  14. where he / she usually shops and what he / she usually buys.

  15. where he / she goes for recreation and entertainment.