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Written introductions:______by ESL students after their third week in Brighton

A Profile of Eva from Spain

My name is Eva. I come from Seville in Spain. I am 22 years old.

I am now a student. I finished my studies as a secretary before coming here

and when I leave I hope to find work. My current interest is in studying

English. I need to learn everything about the language since it is very

important for my future, especially as I hope to get a good job.


Living in an English family is the best way to get a lot of speaking

practice and to have your mistakes corrected. I came to Brighton because a

friend of mine recommended it to me. She came here last year, had a very

nice time and learnt a lot at the school. At the moment, I have a good

impression of both the town and the school.


I like the system of learning and the classes are varied. I think that the

school has a lot to offer, for example there are different excursions, for

each day of the week. The social programme is important because one of the

best ways to learn English is to talk to students from different countries, to

listen to their ideas, to tell them what you think and to compare your

thoughts and feelings. In this way, it is possible to improve your



I am happy in the school, because the students are pleasant and everyone

gets on well together. For example, on Friday, we usually go to the cinema

and on Saturday we either go to London, stay in Brighton or go on some other

excursion together.

On weekdays, we do a variety of things in our classes. We learn grammar,

vocabulary and we try to improve our comprehension by listening to cassettes.

I like the teachers because they are methodical and I feel that each day I am

making progress. Of course, I always study and do my homework!

I am very happy in my host family because they are pleasant with me. Their

house is comfortable and I feel at home there. I enjoy the food - the only

problem is the different meal-times, though I expect I'll get used to them.

They share part of their time with me and we talk about my day at the school

and the things I do after school.

A Profile of Loli from Mexico

I am nineteen years old and come from Mexico City. I am still at Secondary School.

When I return to Mexico, I am planning to study International Relations because I'd

like to work in a Travel Agency or something like that.


I came to Brighton because I'd rather study British English than American English.

In Mexico, I was able to select between Cambridge and Brighton. I preferred Brighton

to Cambridge because it is by the sea and nearer to London. At first, I was studying in

another school but I wasn't making much progress. I then spoke to my landlady and she

recommended the English Language Centre.

I'm so happy in the UK. I love the buildings, the streets, parks and the city of London.

I think everything here is beautiful. The people aren't bad, like the food! I've met some

very kind people at the ELC.


In my opinion, the courses are very good and the teachers also have a lot of experience.

I think that my English has got better since I've been here. I've got to know people from

different countries and I like being with them. Sometimes we go out altogether, but sometimes

people just stay with people from their own country.


On weekdays, I go to aerobics and study for about one hour after school. I also go to have a cup

of coffee with some friends and we play pool. In the evenings, I go to the disco three of four

times a week. I like walking around Brighton because I like looking at the shops and I think

there are a lot of strange people.


I've been to London, Cambridge, Oxford and Canterbury. In London,

I've visited a lot of museums, the Houses of Parliament etc.

I love London. In my opinion, it's the most exciting place to visit,

though the other places are also beautiful.