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Interview a friend about their town______Note the answers and then write a composition on your friend's town.

Example questions and answers

Type of town or city and population

1) How big is your town? It is smaller than Brighton.

2) How many people are there? There are 200,000 people.

3) What are the people like? They are hard-working and friendly.


Geographical location

4) Where is your town situated? It is in South East Spain just north of Alicante.



5) What's the weather like? It is very hot in the summer and quite mild in the winter.


Main attractions, sports facilities and night life

6) What are the main attractions? The beauty of the landscape and the sea. Are there any sports facilities? There are water sports and tennis courts.

What is the night life like? There are bars and discos.


Shopping facilities, transport and communication

7) Are there many shops? There are hypermarkets and small boutiques.

Are there buses and trains? No, there aren't many but there are good roads.

Is your town easy to get to? Yes, if you have a car.


Main areas of work / Job opportunities

8) What are the main areas of employment? There are many jobs in the service industries.

Is it easy to find work? There is more work in the summer than in the other parts of the year.


Your own thoughts and feelings

9) Do you like your town? I quite like it.

10) Is your town a good place (a) to live (b) to spend a holiday?

It's OK as a place to grow up in, but it is not a tourist resort.