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"My country" - Britain

The land area of Britain is 244,820 square kilometres and there are about 57 million people.

Most of the people live in the south of the country.


Britain is in Western Europe. It is bounded by the English Channel, the North Sea, the Irish

Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


In Britain, there are many hills, rivers and urban areas. There are some lakes and a few

mountains. There is also a lot of farm-land and woodland, but there isn't any jungle or desert.


Britain has got a large manufacturing and service sector economy. There is also some

tourism and a little agriculture. Britain grows a lot of cereals and vegetables. It produces oil and

natural gas. It also produces beef, pork, lamb and dairy products. It manufactures high tech

machines and motor vehicles. It exports industrial oil and chemicals and imports TVs, videos and



British people are of Latin, Viking, Germanic and French origin. The country has a monarchy and a

parliamentary democracy.

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Interview questions and sample answers

1) How big is your country?

It is smaller than Britain.

2) How many people are there?

There are 54 million people.

3) Where is your country situated?

It is situated in Western Europe.

The land

4) Which countries is it bounded by?

It is bounded by France, Portugal, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

5) What types of landscape are there?

There are grasslands, woodlands, urban areas in the north and mountains and desert in the south.


6) What does your country make / grow / or produce?

It makes cars, it grows oranges and it produces oil.

7) Is the main part of the economy industrial, manufacturing, agricultural or tourist?

It is mainly agricultural in the north and industrial in the south.


8) What is the origin of the different people?

Most are of Spanish origin, but some are from the north of Africa.


9) What system of government does your country have?

The king is the head of state and the main focus of power.

Is it a republic, a monarchy, a parliamentary democracy or a one party state?

It has a system of parliamentary democracy.



10) Has your country been independent for a long time or was it a colony or a colonising power?

My country was an important world power 200 years ago.

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Ask a friend the following questions:

1. How big is your country? Is it bigger than Britain?

2. What's the population of your country?

Are there more people than in Britain?

3. Where is your country in the world?

Is it bounded by oceans, seas or other countries?

4. Is the landscape the same as in Britain?

Are there any lakes and mountains? Is there any jungle or desert?

5. What kind of economy has your country got? What does it export?

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Write a composition on your friend's country using the example composition on 'Britain' to help you with grammar and vocabulary.