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The 15 underlined words are NOT TRUE. Find the correct words from this list:







fizzy drinks










I was born in a suburb called West Wickham, a few miles South East of London. My father was a mechanical engineer and my mother was a karate instructor.

When I was nearly 4, my family moved to Crawley, a new city situated between London and Brighton, 3 miles South of Gatwick Airport.

I started school in Crawley at the age of 5 and lived there until I was 10. I had two elephants, one older and the other four years younger.

My older brother was very stupid. He was always in the top class. I did not study very hard. I preferred to play with the other animals in my street. We used to climb trees, fight with our friends and play a lot of baseball and cricket in the field opposite my house. I was never in the top or the bottom class.

I did not play much with my younger brother. He was too old. But Richard, who was two years older than me, liked to play cricket. We also learnt to ride donkeys, we became very good at table-tennis and we both enjoyed playing the family violin.

Our parents both went to discos so we were introduced to the local choir. We sang in the choir three or four times a week: twice on Sundays, choir practice on Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays at church funerals. We were paid about one shilling (5p) each week, about double the money we got from out parents. We spent the money on sweets, hard drugs and spare parts for our bicycles.

My favourite times were during the school terms. In the summer, we visited seaside resorts in parts of Scotland such as Cornwall and the Isle of Wight. We did not travel to any countries outside Brighton until I was much older.

Ask your friend about the first ten years of his / her life:

1. place of birth

7. top or bottom class

2. occupation of parents

8. how hard you worked

3. place where you grew up

9. the games you played

4. brothers / sisters

10. your money situation

5. family likeness and differences

11. how you spent your money

6. when you started school

12. where you spent your holidays

Ask your friend about the first ten years of his / her life:


  1. place of birth
  2. Where _______ ________ ________ ?


  3. occupation of parent(s)
  4. What _______ _______ _________ _____ ?


  5. place where you grew up
  6. Where ________ _______ _________ _____ ?


  7. brothers / sisters
  8. How many ________ ___ _________ ____ _______ ________ ?


  9. family likenesses
  10. Were you ________ _______ ________ ?


  11. when you started school
  12. When _______ _______ ________ ________ ?


  13. in the top or the bottom class
  14. Were you _____ ______ ______ _____ ______ ______ ______ ?


  15. how hard you worked
  16. How hard _______ _______ ________ ?


  17. the games you played
  18. Which games _____ _______ _______ ?


  19. your money situation
  20. How much _____ _____ _____ from your parents each week?


  21. how you spent your money
  22. How _____ ______ ______ ______ ________ ?


  23. where you spent your holidays
  24. Where _____ _____ ______ ______ ________ ?

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