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Autobiographies:______by ESL learners studying at the intermediate level


I was born in Florence, a very fine Italian city. My father is a businessman. He imports and exports coral and everything which ladies love. My mother is a housewife. I grew up in Florence with a brother, Leonard, who came from India, and a sister who is like me, but she's blond. My sister and I are like our father, but I'm like my mother too.

When I started school, I was in the middle class and I didn't work very hard! My brother and I invented many games - one day we were in the "Far West", another day we were mother and child..... Both my brother and my sister are younger than me.

When my sister was a little older,, we all played together. Our parents used to give us all the money we needed, without exaggeration. We spent this on everything we needed - cinema tickets, books, petrol for the motorcycle etc.



I was born in a city in Taiwan called Taipei. My father was a restaurant manager and my mother was a housewife.

I started school in Taipei when I was six. I had two older sisters. They were both very intelligent and were always in the top class.

We used to play with the other children in our street. We played baseball and rode bicycles in a field near our house.

When I was eight, I learned ballet and also started painting. My dream was to be a ballet dancer.

My favourite times were during the school holidays. In the summer, we visited my grandparents' house. They lived near the seaside. They were friendly and interesting. I loved them and we all enjoyed our summers there.



I was born in a small town called Recco, near Portafino. My father was a clerk in the bank where he still works and my mother was and is a secretary.

During my early childhood, my family moved house four times. I started school in Recco when I was six. I was an only child - I don't have any brothers or sisters.

I was usually in the middle class since I didn't study very hard. I spent my money on sweets and ice-cream, but spent my holidays in the mountains.