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Neighbours - two men

A1 good neighbours?

A2 How / of Mr Potter?

A3 How / work?

A4 How / money?

A5 Does / neighbour?

A6 What / say?

A7 Whose / faster?

A8 How much / earn?

Mr Watson and Mr Potter are neighbours. They are not very good neighbours. Mr Watson often speaks badly of Mr Potter:

"I work harder than Mr Potter. He is a lazy man. I save a lot of money, but Mr Potter spends his money carelessly!"

Mr Potter does not speak well of his neighbour:

"Mr Watson doesn't know how to live. My car is bigger and faster than his.

My house is more comfortable. I have a colour television, but Mr Watson watches in black and white. He earns as much as I earn, but he keeps all his money in the bank. He's mean and selfish!"


Neighbours - two women

B1 How / of one another?

B2 How / cakes?

B3 Who / more water?

B4 What kind of mixture / need?

B5 What / always add?

B6 Why / want to / use / oven?

B7 How extravagant / Mrs Watson?

B8 Who / kinder?

B9 Is / ever /problem / women?

Mrs Watson and Mrs Potter are good friends. They speak warmly of one another.

"What a wonderful cook you are, Mrs Potter! Your cakes are much better than mine. Can you tell me your secret?"

"Certainly, Mrs Watson! Use a little more water and much less flour. You need to make a wetter mixture. I always add a little sea salt and a few spices. I promise you that they will improve the flavour!"

"Oh, thank you, Mrs Potter! By the way, can I use your oven? It is hotter than mine. I asked my husband to buy me a new cooker, but he said that I was too extravagant ..... more extravagant than his first wife. Are men all the same or is your husband kinder than mine?"

"Well, every person is different and every man is a different problem!

Of course, you can use my cooker, Mrs Watson! There is never any problem between intelligent women, is there?"