Watch Your Particles!
Practice and Consolidation of WORD + Particle Combinations for High Level ESL Students


able to

absent from

accompany at

according to

accuse of

accustom to

accustomed to

admiration for

advantage of

affection for

afraid of

agree with

ahead of

allowance for

angry with

annoyed with

anxious about

apart from

apologize for

apply for

approve of

argue about

argue with

ashamed of

ask after

ask for

astonished at

attached to

attitude to

attitude towards

attraction of

aware of

away from

bad at

base on

believe in

belong to

blame for

blind to

boast about

borrow from

capable of

care about

care of

careful to

careful with

careless with

certain of

characteristic of

charge for

charge with

choose between

comment on

compare with

complain about

composed of

concentrate on

confidence in

congratulations on

conscious of

consist of

contrast with

convinced of

correspond to

correspond with

crazy about

critical of

cruelty to

deal with

decide against

delay in

delighted with

depend on

despair on

different from

difficult to

difficulty with

disagree with

disappointed with

disapprove of

displeased with

dissatisfied with

distinguish between

distinguish by

disturbed about

doubtful about

dressed in

drink to

eager to

engaged in

engaged to

enthusiastic about

envious of

equal to

equivalent to

excess of

excited about

exclude from

excuse me for

experience in

experience of

experienced in

expert on

failure in

faith in

famous for

fed up with

feel about

feel like

fond of

forget about

forgive for

friendly with

frightened of

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