Watch Your Particles!
Practice and Consolidation of WORD + Particle Combinations for High Level ESL Students


generous with

gentle with

genuine in

go with

gossip about

grumble about

guilty of

habit of

hear about

hope of

identify with

impress on

improvement in

independent of

information about

innocence of

insist on

intention of

interested in

interfere with

involve with

involved in

jealous of

joke about

kind to

laugh at

lean on

lend to

liking to

link with

long for

look after

look like

lose to

make for

married to

matter with

mixture of

name after

native of

news of

notice of

object to

opinion about

opposite of

part with

pay for

pessimistic about

pleased with

popular with

prepare for

present with

prevent from

protect against

protect from

protest about

proud of

provide with

punish for

puzzled about

qualified for

quarrel about

rank among

reaction to

recover from

related to

relief from

rely on

report on

respect for

responsible for

result of

rhyme with

rid of

room for

safe from

save from

serious about

sick of

smile at

solution to

sorry for

stand for

subtract from

succeed in

suffer from

sufficient for

suitable for

suspicious of

sympathetic with

take after

talk about

talk into

talk out of

tax on

thank for

think of

tired of

trouble with

trust in

truth about

unite in

unkind to

unknown to

unwilling to

use of

used to

victims of

vote for

warn about

worry about

wrong with

zest for

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